UST Ambassador!

UST Ambassador Announcement

Back in late January I filled out an application for the Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) Ambassador program as part of a gear contest I entered online, which by the way I won (see photo below). In mid-February I learned I was a finalist, and this past Monday afternoon I received a direct message on Twitter asking me if I was still interested in becoming one of UST’s ambassadors. Needless to say my response was a quick and hearty, “Yes!”


A plethora of pink survival products I won in UST’s Valentine’s Day contest. Let’s just say these are going in Leah the Hiker’s backpack, not mine!

I see this as a great opportunity to test and learn more about all the great survival gear UST has to offer, but it is also a way to reach out to a much broader audience, encouraging more people to get outdoors and enjoy God’s amazing creation, and at the same time sharing information about products and skills that will help get them home safely.

As the welcome packet reads, “UST Ambassadors are outdoor enthusiasts across the globe who are already living the ‘UST lifestyle.’” I am honored to be chosen as one of this amazing group of outdoor adventurers, and am excited to work with UST and this awesome team!

Todd the Hiker

Disclaimer:  Even though I have partnered with UST Brands to help promote their products and will be compensated for my time commitment, my opinions will remain entirely my own and I am not getting paid to publish positive comments.

© Todd D. Nystrom and Todd the Hiker, 2015.


4 thoughts on “UST Ambassador!

    • Same here. I’m planning an overnight kayaking trip to the Big South Fork area of Tennessee/Kentucky in a month or so and basing my initial gear selection on my needs for that trip. I can’t wait!

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