Meet Campstake

Today marks my second featured blog post, “Highlights from Big Bend,” on the Campstake Journal over at Take some time to give it a read and check out some of the other articles while you are there.

By way of introduction, back in December I was approached by Brandon Painter from Campstake who asked me if they could feature my Red River Gorge – Off-Trail page on their blog. At the time I knew little to nothing about Campstake, other than they were one of the many outdoor oriented acquaintances I have made on Twitter.

With a quick bit of checking I learned they are a start-up company with plans to release a web application (Spring 2015) that will allow campers and backpackers to ask for and make recommendations about camping destinations around the nation. What is intriguing about Campstake’s approach is the ability to get recommendations as broad or narrow as you desire, down to specific campsites! Their ultimate vision is much bigger, but rather than try to explain the details here, I’ll let you read about in their own Journal post, “On the Horizon.”

I like what I see over at Campstake and am honored to be counted among the group of great outdoor bloggers who have been featured on Campstake Journal, many of whom I know from time spent on the #HikerChat Twitter chat. I see this as a great opportunity to develop relationships, broaden my audience, and, at the same time, help someone else who is also trying to encourage people to get outdoors where they can enjoy the beauty of God’s magnificent creation!

In the past week, they released the Campstake Recommendations portion of the web application that allows you to ask for and receive recommendations from friends. I spent some time working with a fellow blogger, Jonathan Roberts, trading recommendations to test out the app and provided Campstake with feedback that I hope was helpful.

Bottom line, this app is very easy to use from the perspective of both the “asker” and the “recommender;” requiring you to do nothing more than fill out a couple of simple forms. The app takes care of notifying your friends of the request, and then emails you when they respond, which they also do by filling out a simple form. One more great part of using Campstake is that whenever someone submits a fully completed recommendation they will donate $1 to outdoor conservation funds!

I can’t wait to see what comes next and am excited to work with Campstake as we both encourage others to #getoutside and #exploremore!

©Todd D. Nystrom and Todd_the_Hiker, 2015.


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